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What Should You Know About Using a Button Cell Battery?

2022-07-25 00:00:00

Whether it is a remote control, a watch, or some other small electronic devices, the use of button cell batteries is increasingly inseparable from all aspects of life.

It should be noted that during the use of the button battery, incorrect operation may cause many unnecessary problems. Therefore, it is necessary to understand some precautions when using a button cell battery.

tiger head 3v lithium button cell battery

 ●  Check if your electronic device is compatible with button cell batteries.

 ●  Before installation, carefully identify the positive and negative poles of the button cell battery, the electronics used and their contacts to ensure cleanliness and good conductivity.

 ●  Accidental ingestion or swallowing of batteries can cause long-term health problems. Keep button batteries out of the reach of children and the elderly to prevent them from being swallowed.

 ●  Avoid mixing old and new button cell batteries. Avoid mixing different brands and types of batteries. Differences in voltage and capacity can cause overdischarge, causing the battery to shrink or even explode.

 ●  Do not heat, charge or strike the button cell battery to avoid damage, leakage or explosion.

 ●  Do not put the button cell battery in water or fire to avoid the risk of explosion.

 ●  Do not store the button battery in a high temperature, low temperature and high humidity environment for a long time, which will reduce the battery life, electrochemical performance and safety performance.

 ●  Avoid contact with strong corrosive substances such as strong acid, strong alkali and strong oxide.

 ●  Pay attention to the stipulated period of use of the button battery, so as not to affect the efficiency of battery use if it is used overdue.

 ●  Dispose of the button cell battery properly, dispose of the used button cell battery in accordance with local waste recycling regulations. Protecting the environment is our shared responsibility. Please do not throw used button cell batteries in the natural environment.

 ●  Do not disassemble or disassemble the button battery for non-professionals to avoid danger.


There are many things that need to be paid attention to in the use of small button batteries. We may take the above phenomena for granted in our lives, but it is these small details that cause big problems, and we need to gain more experience in the correct use of button cell batteries.