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On April 15, 2021, it's the day of the new Chinese company name unveiling ceremony of Guangzhou Tiger Head Battery Group Co,. Ltd. and a signing ceremony was held with the first batch of internally hired professional managers.


Guangzhou Tiger Head Battery Group Co., Ltd., realizes the annual sales over 6 billion pieces of dry batteries, which makes it the leading battery enterprise in China, not only in the concern of sales volume and export volume, but also of export value and main business incomes, also makes it rank seventh of top 100 enterprises export to Africa.


Guangzhou Tiger Head Battery Group Co., Ltd was established with the combination of Guangzhou Battery Company Limited and the battery department of Guangzhou Light Industry Group.


Guangzhou Battery Company Limited was established with the combination of Guangzhou Battery Factory and Guangzhou Soap Factory. In the process of assets reorganization and structural adjustment, the company merged with Guangzhou Battery Carbon Factory, Guangzhou Glass First Factory, Guangzhou Battery Second Factory, Guangzhou Mechanism Factory, Guangzhou Pearl Paper Factory, and Guangzhou Pencil Factory.


Guangzhou Battery Industry and Trade Enterprise Group Co., LTD was set up.


Guangzhou 555 Battery Enterprise Group was set up.


HONG KONG HI-WATT BATTERY ENTERPRISE was established, which was the first export-oriented Chinese investment industry corporation of the Chinese battery industry


Guangzhou Battery Factory became the first manufacture that got the right of self import and export.


Guangzhou 49 battery factories combined into only one factory, officially named as Guangzhou Battery Factory after years of public-private joint management, reconstruction and adjustment.


Xinghua Battery Factory (The predecessor of Guangzhou Battery Factory) was established.