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Can Button Cell Batteries of Different Voltages Be Used Interchangeably?

2022-08-18 00:00:00

Button cell batteries are different in thickness and size, but they all share a common name because of their compact shape like buttons.

Button cell batteries have been widely used in various miniature electronic products and backup power supplies due to their size and other advantages.

The nominal voltage is often a distinguish standard of the button cell batteries in the button cell battery family. For example, the 3V button cell battery that people often say refers to the CR series battery in most cases. A 1.5V button cell battery usually refers to an Ag series battery.

button cell battery

When it comes to the voltage of button batteries, can button batteries of different voltages be used interchangeably?

Can Button Cell Batteries of Different Voltages Be Used Interchangeably?

If two types of button cell batteries can meet the needs of your product and meet the following two conditions, they can exchange.

● Button cell batteries of the same size
● Button cell batteries of the same voltage

However, it is generally not recommended to exchange the use of button batteries with different parameters to avoid unnecessary losses.

Button cell batteries made of the same size with different chemical compositions are in principle interchangeable, but they will affect the service life and voltage stability. Using the wrong button cell battery may result in improper operation or shortened life. Similarly, using a cell battery with a voltage significantly higher than the design voltage of the device may cause permanent damage.
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It may be appropriate to check the device and replace the correct battery if it runs out of battery. Please consult a more professional when replacing the button cell battery.

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