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Why Do Button Cell Batteries Have a Long Service Life?

2022-07-25 00:00:00

Different types of batteries have different characteristics and therefore have different application scenarios. No matter what kind of batteries they are, they all have their corresponding advantages and play a huge role in our lives.

Button-shaped batteries are widely used in the electronics industry because of their compact and delicate design. It is not difficult to find these button cell batteries on electronic watches, calculators, and other electronic equipment.
button cell battery

Why Are Button Cell Batteries Durable?

Long service life is one of the remarkable characteristics of button cell batteries, and when properly used, the frequency of replacement of button cell batteries is often measured in years.

Generally speaking, button cell batteries are suitable for devices that discharge for a long time and have low current requirements. Battery discharge is a chemical reaction process, and the discharge interval allows the battery to have a recovery process, thereby extending its service life.

The majority of button cell batteries have a low self-discharge rate, which means they can remain charged for a long time and thus have a long shelf life, making these types of button cell batteries ideal for use in products that require long, continuous service.


Three Recommended Tiger Head Button Cell Batteries

Tiger Head button cell battery has no mercury pollution to the environment and has the characteristics of high capacity, good performance, and wide range of use. The capacity of the Tiger Head button cell battery is several times higher than that of ordinary batteries. The aluminum case of the battery will also provide longer-lasting protection for the battery.

Tiger Head button cell batteries perform best in electronic keys, weight scales, watches, electric toys, etc. Using continually as well as disconnectedly, with fewer capacity drops during the storage period, button cell batteries are one of the best batteries to provide great power.
Alkaline Button Cell Battery supplier
tiger head 3v lithium button cell battery

tiger head alkaline button cell battery

In addition to button cell batteries, Tiger Head also specializes in producing carbon-zinc batteries, alkaline batteries, car batteries, solar batteries, motorcycle batteries, etc.

Tiger Head has been focusing on battery technology research and development, and Tiger Head is always your ideal choice in terms of batteries.