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Why is Alkaline battery more durable?

2021-03-09 00:00:00

Compared with ordinary dry batteries (carbon batteries), alkaline battery has the advantages of durability, large current, long storage life, and the outer casing is not easy to corrode. Alkaline batteries are much more durable than carbon batteries, and will not corrode parts like carbon batteries. In addition, the shelf life of alkaline batteries will be much longer than carbon batteries. So at present, alkaline batteries are more and more widely used.

Under normal circumstances, the power of alkaline battery is about seven times that of ordinary batteries. In addition, the initial recovery time of alkaline battery is short, so it is most suitable for camera flash. In addition, the output of alkaline battery is stable, so many advanced electronic products such as remote control, electronic camera, etc. must use alkaline battery.

Alkaline battery increases the relative area between the anode and cathode, and uses highly conductive potassium hydroxide solution instead of ammonium chloride and zinc chloride solutions. The zinc on the cathode is also changed from flake to granular, which increases the reaction of the cathode. In addition, it uses high-performance electrolytic manganese powder, so the electrical performance has been greatly improved. Alkaline batteries of the same model are 3 to 7 times the capacity and discharge time of ordinary batteries. In addition, when the alkaline battery is discharged, no gas is generated inside, and some gas is generated when the ordinary dry battery is discharged, so the voltage of the alkaline battery is relatively stable. Alkaline battery has fewer fillers that do not participate in the chemical reaction, so it can be made smaller. In this way, compared with ordinary dry batteries, alkaline batteries with the same size are extremely durable.