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Why are Alkaline Battery Durable?

2022-03-25 00:00:00

Compared with ordinary dry batteries (also known as carbon-zinc dry batteries), alkaline battery have the advantages of durability, large current flow, long storage life, and anti-corrosion. The potassium hydroxide in alkaline batteries is liquid, unlike ordinary dry batteries filled with solid paste, so the internal resistance is relatively small. In addition, the zinc in the alkaline battery participates in the reaction in the form of crumbs, and the contact area with the electrolyte is large, so the amount of current generated is 3 to 5 times larger than that of ordinary dry batteries of the same volume. Besides, when the alkaline battery is discharged, no gas is generated inside, while some gas is generated when the ordinary dry battery is discharged, so the voltage of the alkaline battery is relatively stable. Alkaline batteries have very little filler that does not participate in chemical reactions. In this way, alkaline batteries with the same volume are more durable than ordinary batteries.

Alkaline batteries are suitable for high-current continuous discharge and high-voltage electrical occasions, especially for cameras, flashes, shavers, electric toys, CD players, high-power remote controls, etc.

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