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Which battery is suitable for the automatic start-stop system?

2021-09-17 00:00:00

To reduce CO2 emissions and save energy, more and more car manufacturers have introduced start-stop systems. The start-stop system includes a generator, battery, battery management system, and power management system. Start-stop systems require a battery with modern technology because normal starter batteries are not designed to meet the higher demands of these vehicles. In this article, we will illustrate which battery is suitable for the automatic start-stop system.

The start-stop system requires a high-frequency start, so the battery needs to supply a high starting current, but also supply all of the electrical consumers with energy when it is not running. Every starting process is associated with a large amount of energy from a car battery. A conventional starter battery is not designed for this charge output (i.e. continuous discharging and charging). Only high-performance car battery such as EFB or AGM battery can deal with these demands and provide a stable power supply in the vehicle. 

EFB batteries are usually used at a higher charge level, so they cannot or can only store energy from recuperation to a limited extent. AGM batteries are known for their high performance and durability. In AGM batteries, the glass fiber mat used as a separator absorbs the electrolyte, thereby avoiding battery acid leakage. The plates of the AGM battery are installed at the specified compression, which ensures the best connection between the plates and the acid.

AGM battery guarantees high reliability and a better driving experience, which makes it a popular choice for many car manufacturers. Tiger Head is one of the AGM battery manufacturers in China, and we provide high-quality car batteries.