What May Damage the Lead-acid Battery

2021-10-26 11:44:18

The normal life of the lead-acid battery is 2-4 years, but some batteries can't drive the engine after using it for less than 1 year. In fact, this situation is not entirely a battery quality problem. If you use and maintain it improperly, the battery is also prone to early damage. The main reasons for the early damage of the battery are as follows: Maintenance-Free Lead Acid Car Battery N100MF

1. Over-discharge.
2. Keep the battery in the warehouse for a long time, and did not re-charge in time. Or keep the car in the parking lot not drive for a long time.
3. No electrolyte
4. The electrolyte proportion is too high
6. Charging under high-temperature conditions
7. Contaminated by hydrochloric acid, seawater, organic acid, etc.
8. Excessive current is added when charging the battery
9. The deformation of the electrode plate causes the positive electrode plate and the cladding electrode plate to contact each other, resulting in a short circuit phenomenon
10. Dirt deposits on the upper and lower part of the electrode plate, causing a short circuit


As lead-acid batteries are inexpensive compared to newer technologies, they are widely used even when other designs could provide higher energy densities. If we use and maintain the lead-acid batteries properly, we can make the batteries last longer. Tiger head battery is one of the professional lead acid car battery manufacturers in China, if you want to purchase tiger head lead acid car battery, feel free to contact us today!