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What is the life span of common maintenance-free batteries?

2021-08-05 00:00:00


What is the life span of common maintenance-free batteries?

Life characteristics of common maintenance-free batteries

The life of the battery usually refers to: when the actual capacity of the battery can not reach more than 50% of the rated capacity, it is called the end of life. Life is often expressed in terms of the total number of cycles or years of use, depending on the use. Battery life is also closely related to the conditions under which it is used.

1. Factors affecting battery life

There are many factors that affect battery life, the most important of which is related to the use of battery. The specific factors are as follows:

(1) Temperature

High temperature will accelerate the aging of the battery, shorten the life of the battery (note: too low temperature charging easy to produce hydrogen, will shorten the life, which is especially obvious for floating charging purposes).

(2) Discharge depth

The more you discharge each time (the deeper the discharge), the shorter the cycle life will be (overdischarge is especially harmful!!).

(3) discharge current

Excessive discharge current will shorten the cycle life of the battery.

(4) charging current

Excessive charging current will cause the battery to break a lot of air, which will also shorten the life of the battery. (Note: Recent reports suggest that a properly high current charge can help battery life).

(5) the degree of overcharging

Each type of battery has a recommended charging method, when the battery is overcharged, electricity will shorten the life of the battery, especially in floating charging purposes!

Maintenance - free battery, SAL battery and AGM battery life characteristic curve

Life of common battery types

Common lead-acid battery (life 2-4 years)

Lead-acid batteries are the earliest and most common type of battery. The electrodes are made of lead and lead oxides, and the electrolyte is an aqueous solution of sulfuric acid. In general, this kind of battery has the advantages of cheap price, voltage stability, but this kind of battery life is shorter, and the number of maintenance is more. In normal use, the life is about 3 years, and the cycle charge and discharge is about 300-500 times.

Of course, if you want to play out the limit of such batteries, prolong the service life, you can check the electrolyte level height every 10,000 kilometers or so, even if the supplement is kept at the appropriate level height, so that it can extend the service life of the battery to a certain extent. But at present, most of the 4S shops have stopped this addition service, and the owner's friends can only go to the repair shop or complete this operation by themselves.

Maintenance-free battery (life 2-4 years)

The biggest advantage of the maintenance-free battery is that it does not need to be maintained. Compared with the lead-acid battery, the amount of electrolyte consumed by the battery is also very small, and there is no need to supplement distilled water in the process of use. It also has the characteristics of high temperature resistance, small size, small self-discharge and so on. Of course, with all these advantages, the price is not too cheap, about twice that of lead-acid batteries. As for the service life, the replacement cycle of maintenance-free batteries under normal circumstances is about 3 years, which is comparable to lead-acid batteries.

AGM/ special battery for automatic start and stop (life 4-6 years)

The engine with automatic start and stop can better save fuel, so now many manufacturers are applying this technology to the body. However, at this time a lot of friends may have to ask: automatic start-stop vehicle every time flameout after moving forward to start the engine again, this is not very waste battery? Yes, in the sense that is true, but apparently, manufacturers have taken this situation into consideration, so in the automatic start and stop vehicles are equipped with dedicated AGM batteries. AGM battery refers to the separator is made of ultrafine glass wool battery, the battery cycle charging capacity is 3 times higher than lead calcium battery, with a longer service life. In addition, the battery is better at low temperature starting and more stable capacity over the course of use, but it is also the most expensive.


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