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What conditions must the separator material of alkaline battery have?

2021-04-26 00:00:00

With the advancement of technology and the emergence of new materials, alkaline battery are developing very rapidly. Among the various components of alkaline battery, the separator material plays a very important role, and its performance determines the performance of the battery. The development of the separator has promoted the development of alkaline battery and the improvement of their performance.

The separator placed between the two poles of the battery to separate the anode and cathode to prevent direct contact between the active materials of the two poles and cause the battery to short circuit. At the same time, it does not prevent the migration of ions in the battery and allows ions to be free. The diaphragm also has the function of adsorbing electrolyte. The diaphragm material must meet the following conditions during use:

1. The diaphragm material is rich in sources and low in price. It is an electronically conductive insulator and can block the growth of active material particles and dendrites shed from the electrode.

2. The resistance should be small, that is, the greater the ability of ions to pass through the diaphragm, the better the smaller the resistance of the diaphragm to the movement of electrolyte ions work. So that the internal resistance of the battery is correspondingly reduced, and the energy loss of the battery during high-current discharge is reduced.

3. It has good chemical stability in the electrolyte, which can withstand the corrosion of the electrolyte and the strong oxidant on the anode, and can also play a role in the oxidation of new ecological oxygen and other redox effects.

4. It has a certain degree of mechanical strength, bending resistance, so as to ensure that the alkaline battery is not damaged during assembly and use.

In general, the development of alkaline battery depends on the development of materials, the quality of the battery depends on the quality of the material, and the performance of the battery depends on the performance of the material.