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Time is of essence, Tiger Head Battery Group achieved 25.4% year-on-year growth in exports in November

2022-12-05 00:00:00

How to ensure the smooth flow of export business documents and the booking and shipment are not affected in the face of the severe epidemic in Guangzhou? Tiger Head Battery Group is determined to implement the work of oath, "prevent the epidemic, stabilize the operation, and secure the development, and carry through the spirit of Tiger Head employees who are not afraid of hardships, difficulties and defeat, and work hard to ensure the normal operation of export business and sprint to the end of the year.

During the critical period, the Production Operation Center and other departments worked together efficiently to find ways to ensure the delivery of orders as scheduled and contributed to the preservation of the market for Tiger Head Battery Group under the frequent closure of production points. The Finance Department overcame all difficulties to ensure the operation of payment and collection, and to ensure the orderly development of the docking work between our company and shipping companies such as bill of lading and space when most of the employees were under sequestration and control at home. The Smart Intelligence Center also prepare for the technical demand in time and kept the remote office in order. Tiger Head Battery Group is committed to digital marketing, actively coordinating online customer expansion channels to maintain normal operation, and accurately attracting and obtaining customers to strengthen overseas market expansion. The Import & Export Dept is dedicated to their work, overcoming the obstacles of the epidemic, working overtime to develop and consolidate the business, and recently successfully signed new orders with many customers from Ghana, South Sudan, Malawi, Russia and other new export customers.

The unremitting efforts of all employees and the synergy and cooperation of all departments build up Head Battery Group achieved a 25.4% year-on-year increase in foreign trade exports in November. Meanwhile, Tiger Head Group achieved a 178% year-on-year surge in export sales of Tiger Head alkaline batteries. It adds to the completion of the company's annual business goals.

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