Tiger Head’s Newly High-Speed Battery Production Line - AA/R6 Battery Production Line Officially Passed The Acceptance And Put Into Production

2021-08-12 10:26:29

July 28th, the production department, engineering department, technology department, quality supervision department, and other functional departments of Tiger Head Battery Group CO., ltd conducted an on-site inspection of the operating condition and product quality of the new Extra High Power Carbon Zinc Battery AA/R6 (600 pcs/min) production line in the industrial park. At the subsequent acceptance meeting, all departments expressed their opinions and unanimously agreed to the acceptance of the production line, which marks that the company’s new advanced high-speed Extra High Power Carbon Zinc  battery production line in the industrial park has officially reached the production stage. The annual production capacity of this type of Extra High Power Carbon Zinc Battery AA/R6 can reach more than 400 million, which drives the production capacity of the industrial park to new heights.

According to the positioning of Tiger Head Industrial Park to build an "intelligent manufacturing base", Tiger Head Battery Group CO., ltd has accelerated the pace of innovation and transformation of equipment in the park in the past few years. Through equipment innovation, the industrial park's production capacity and mass production process have achieved great development.

In the implementation of the innovation-driven strategy, Tiger Head Battery Group CO., ltd seizes new development opportunities. With the spirit of the courage of taking responsibility, it operates meticulously. Relying on the Tiger Head Power Innovation Research Institute and the 300-acre industrial park base, Tiger Head group increases investment in scientific and technological research and development, so as to create more high-quality battery products that satisfy the needs of global consumers.