Passing confidence, waiting in the wings, accelerating the development of "Dual circulation" - Tiger Head’s new products made their debut at the 130th Canton Fair

2021-10-21 17:51:15

Oct 15th is the opening day of the 130th Canton Fair. This Canton Fair is a landmark international trade event held in a special international environment. It marks the full resumption of work and production of large-scale exhibitions in China, and China achieves the strategic result in the overall epidemic prevention and control and socio-economic development. Our company has never been absent participated in the Canton Fair since 1985, always adhering to the concept of innovation and development.

Our company focuses on the theme of "promoting domestic and foreign dual circulation economy", actively promoting various exhibitions, and showing to customers the company's accumulation, product strength, and professional image of the Tiger Head Battery company in the past two years during the epidemic period.

Online and offline dual-channel, multi-dimensional exposure of corporate brands, and diversified products appeared in the Canton Fair. Based on doing a good job in the prevention and control of the epidemic, our company both adopt online and offline methods---- Offline, based on the principle of simplicity and grandiosity,our company combine multiple elements, including brand element, company history, industrial park element, product element to design booths. At the same time, we promote brand exposure and popularity through exhibitions and brand dissemination; Online, we launched four independent brand products such as Tiger Head and 555 through the Canton Fair platform, covering dry batteries, lead-acid batteries, lithium batteries, lighting lamps, and other the electric light source industry sectors. We not only establish a dynamic live stream in the Pazhou Pavilion but also livestream the status of the exhibition in  real-time. To attract customers, we also shoot exhibition titbits and exhibit introductions in the form of the vlog, and deliver the company and products information in a short and quick form, bringing customers a vivid and fresh experience.

The three new high-value-added products made their debut at this Canton Fair and were highly sought after by domestic and foreign merchants and media. Our company keeps up with the new trend of technological development.

In addition to comprehensively displaying dry batteries, lead-acid batteries, polymer lithium batteries, and lighting products, we also highly recommend three new Tiger Head brand USB lithium rechargeable AA batteries and AAA batteries which are equipped with advanced intelligent IC chips. These three new launches have the advantages of large capacity, constant voltage output, and intelligent BLN control. These products not only have a wide range of applications, but also include six protective functions for overcharge, over-discharge, over-voltage, short circuit, over-temperature, over-current, and under-voltage. On the first day of the launch, a large number of buyers were attracted to consult and negotiate. Also, our booth attracts many media such as Guangdong Radio and Television Station, China News, and other media to come to our booth for interviews.

Our company will seize the opportunity of the trading platform of the Canton Fair, get acquainted with domestic and foreign merchants, convey confidence, expand cooperation, wait in the wings, expand domestic and overseas markets, to accelerate the development of the "domestic and international dual circulation economy".