Tiger Head Company successfully passed the certification audit of Beijing Zhongan Quality and Environmental Certification Center

2021-11-18 15:50:46

From September 22th to 24th, the Beijing Zhongan Quality and Environmental Certification Center conducted a comprehensive, detailed and strict remote review of the quality, environment, and professional management systems of Tiger Head Battery Group Co., Ltd. and Tiger Head Power Supply Science and Technology Ltd. in accordance with the standard requirements. The quality management system is a re-certification audit, and the environmental and occupational health management system is an annual audit. The company’s various audit items have reached the standard, passed the audit, successfully obtained the quality management system certification. At the same time, it has also successfully passed the environmental and occupational health management system supervision and audit. The applicability of this review standard is broader and more comprehensive, pays more attention to risks and opportunities, and emphasizes the leadership and commitment of the top management.

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This review mainly conducted remote inspections on the product design and development process, product realization process risks, quality process control, sales and service concepts, and identification of hazards in various places, environmental measures control, and other aspects. It adopts the audit method that combines remote access to documents and records. At the same time, the remote video comprehensively verifies the compliance of the company's equipments and facilities. The members of the expert group unanimously gave a high evaluation and affirmation to the company's quality, environment, and occupational health management work. The acquisition of this certificate has improved the corporate image and strength, will further enhance customer confidence, expand market share, and improve corporate efficiency. In the future, the company will, as always, strictly implement the quality management system, carry out production operations in strict accordance with the standards, continue to improve product quality, enhance the company's comprehensive strength, and promote the continuous development of the company.