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Tiger Head Company Obtained Two New Patent Licenses

2020-05-08 00:00:00

Since the establishment of Tiger Head Power Innovation Institute, the company's R & D personnel continue to study new product technologies, grasp new product trends, continue to develop new products, and obtain R & D results. Recently, two new product patents related to solar battery technology-"Solar Speaker" have been authorized, one for utility model patents and one for design patents.

The related products involved in this patent improve the photoelectric conversion efficiency through the innovation of solar energy collection technology. The unique energy output opening and closing, the structural design incorporating outdoor audio playback, ultrasonic atomization, charging and discharging and other practical functions are extremely creative and also with higher utilization of solar battery. The acquisition of the patent proves Tiger Head company's R & D and innovative technology, and it has made a further step in accumulating its strength in expanding solar battery applications.

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