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Tiger Head Battery successfully pass an ISO certification audit

2022-12-01 00:00:00

Recently, ZHONGAN ZHIHUAN Certification Center CO., LTD (refer ZAZH) conducted a comprehensive, detailed and strict on-site review of our quality, environmental and occupational management systems according to the standard requirements, of which the quality management system is an annual audit and the environmental and occupational health management system is a re-certification audit. After many days of audit, all the audit items of Tiger Head Battery met the standards. Tiger Head Battery obtained the environmental and occupational health management system certification, and the quality management system.

The audit criteria are extensive in the application, more comprehensive, focused on risks and opportunities, and emphasise the leadership and commitment of top management. This review is also the first examination under the new organizational structure of Tiger Head Battery Company, which mainly focuses on product design and development, production management, quality control, sales and service, identification of hazards and environmental measures control, etc. The review was conducted by a combination of documentary records, and a comprehensive audit of the compliance of the company's equipment and facilities. The auditors unanimously gave high evaluation and affirmation of our quality, environment and occupational health management.

ISO certificate improves the brand image, which will further enhance the customer's confidence, expand the market share and improve the efficiency of the enterprise. In the future, our company will, as always, strictly implement the management system standards, strictly follow the standards for production operations, continuously improve product quality, enhance the company's comprehensive strength, and promote the continuous development of the enterprise.

2022 Environmental Management System Certificate of Conformity

2022 Occupational Health and Safety Management system Certificate of Conformity