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Tiger Head Battery's booth at the 133rd Canton Fair attracts crowds

2023-04-20 00:00:00

On April 15th, the 133rd Canton Fair opened in grand style. This Canton Fair is the first comprehensive offline event held after the pandemic, making it particularly significant. In order to fully leverage the Canton Fair's all-round open platform, better showcase the company's new battery professional image and new development direction of the main business, and assist in the company's overseas market business expansion, #TigerHeadBattery Group took "focus on offline, develop business opportunities; synchronize online, promote the brand" as the exhibition theme, and engaged in more direct and effective business negotiations with targeted overseas clients. Despite the recent hot weather in Guangzhou, the Canton Fair was very popular, and #TigerHead Battery Group's multiple dry batteries and new household energy storage products made their debut at the fair, attracting many overseas buyers to inquire and negotiate, resulting in a high level of traffic at our booth.

The main business is undergoing new development, and the company is actively exploring new energy storage pathways. With a professional, focused, and continuous spirit, and with market orientation, sales and technology are jointly developing new products to create value for end customers. At this Canton Fair, our company launched multiple household energy storage lithium products,
car batteries, and high-performance dry battery new products such as the G alkaline battery and the new Heavy Duty battery, demonstrating core products to global customers through the Canton Fair platform.

Exhibition design innovation breakthrough, focusing on customer core needs. The booth design of this Canton Fair highlights two innovative highlights: "more open booth structure" and "experiential new product display". With the theme of "focusing on the main business, highlighting professionalism", structural design and product display revolve around the product characteristics of high-performance dry batteries, storage batteries, and lithium energy storage, as well as brand professionalization. Based on the aesthetic characteristics of foreign customers, more open and transparent structural design was adopted, breaking through conventions and innovating. Scene display and system application demonstration were used in the display, allowing global customers present to directly participate in product experience, more intuitively display product features, and focus on meeting customer core needs.

During the exhibition, CCTV, Guangdong TV, and other mainstream media conducted multiple interviews on Tiger Head Battery's exhibition situation, with overseas sales director Sally Wu receiving them. On the first day of the Canton Fair, CCTV News and Guangdong TV reported on our company's exhibition situation, while also promoting products on CCTV' s live platform, enhancing brand awareness and company image.

Standing at a new starting point,
 Tiger Head Battery Group will strengthen product research and development, strive to provide more green energy products for global production and supply, promote brand operation innovation and upgrading, layout global sales networks, improve sales performance, and empower high-quality enterprise development.

To learn more about us, please feel free to contact: export@tigerheadbattery.com