Tiger Head Battery participated in the 132nd Canton Fair

2022-10-18 00:00:00

On October 15, the 132nd Canton Fair, known as the "friendship link and trade bridge", was opened. Tiger Head adheres to the policy of "consolidating the main market and developing diversification" to adapt to market changes and meet the needs of consumers. Grasping the Canton Fair as a chief channel of expanding customers and actively participating in the 132nd online Canton Fair continuously promotes products and develops business through instant communication, trade matching and live marketing functions.

At the 132nd Canton Fair, Tiger Head Company launched more than 150 commodities, involving four independent brands, including Tiger Head, 555, HW brand, and covering several product areas such as dry batteries, car batteries and lithium applications. During the exhibition, Tiger Head launched several new products, including Tiger Head G alkaline batteries with mercury-free, cadmium-free and lead-free environmental protection technology and five times longer last, and new button batteries with upgraded technology, more durable safety and leakage prevention as the selling point. Up to October 18, we have broadcasted 38 live shows and received many intentional inquiries from Southeast Asia, the Middle East and Europe, with good results.
Tiger Head Battery  live streaming

Tiger Head Battery live streaming was interviewed by CCTV media 

Tiger head battery was interviewed by CCTV media

When the 132nd Canton Fair is in full swing, Tiger Head company will hold two new product release activities in the afternoon of October 20 and 21 with a wealth of new product experience giveaways and new product promotion activities. Many benefits should not be missed and looking forward to your participation.
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