Tiger Head Battery Group won two honorary certificates from the National Standards Committee of Primary Battery

2021-11-18 15:55:12

Tiger Head Battery Group actively participates in the main drafting of national standards related to primary batteries (GB24427-2021 Requirements for the Limitation of Mercury, Cadmium and Lead Content in Zinc Anode Primary Batteries, GB/T8897.1-2021 Primary Batteries Part 1: General Provisions, GB/T8897.2 -Primary Batteries Part 2: Dimensions and Electrical Properties, etc.) and industry standards (QB/T2629-2021 Electrolytic Manganese Dioxide for Alkaline Zinc-Manganese Dioxide Batteries). Recently, Tiger Head obtained the honorary certificate of the main drafting unit issued by the National Primary Battery Standardization Technical Committee. The above three national standards have been approved and released by the State Administration for Market Regulation and the National Standardization Administration and will be officially implemented on November 1st this year.


The formulation of national and industry standards closely follows international cutting-edge standards, which will help promote our country's primary battery industry standards and the healthy development of green and environmental protection. As the vice-chairman unit of the National Standards Committee of Primary Battery, the company's participation in the standard formulation is not only the company's active social responsibility and industry responsibility, but also reflects the company's comprehensive strength and industry authority, which is more conducive to enhancing brand image and assisting product sales.