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Tiger Head Battery Group to start up the new LR6 alkaline battery production line

2022-11-14 00:00:00

Tiger Head Battery Group has been in close communication with the equipment supply manufacturers since the LR6 alkaline battery project. Recently, the company leaders and engineers, went to the installation site to check the installation progress of the production line and to arrange the related work before the delivery of the equipment.

Four large flatbed trucks full of five alkali production line equipment all arrived at the industrial park safely and smoothly. These devices are large in quantity, expensive in value, big in size, high in precision and difficult to load and unload. The company leaders direct and supervise the unloading and handling of the equipment at the scene with the joint efforts of the intelligent intelligence centre, technology centre, production and operation centre and the responsible person in charge of the industrial park, the equipment supplier and the handling company completed the unloading of all the equipment.

On November 1st, Tiger Head held the first working meeting about the installation and commissioning of the production line. The conference required: to ensure the completion of the equipment installation and commissioning project with high quality through careful thinking, thorough organization and efficient coordination; to make every step from the beginning of the equipment installation and positioning, and to play every move well; to make favourable arrangements and division of labour for the personnel following up on site, to make good records of the equipment installation progress, and to make efforts to build a file and card for the equipment installation and commissioning; to carry out good work in coordination with the purified thinking of what to do and how much to do every day; to pay attention to safety work always. To carry out the grasp of safety work consistently in the whole engineering, and to fully realize that safety work is an indispensable part of the high-quality completion of the project.

The alkaline battery production line project is a vitally important project of the company, which is the most advanced production line introduced by our company so far and currently represents the ruling level of alkaline batteries in China. It will be another important milestone for the company to develop and expand and provide a strong impetus for the high-quality development of Tiger Head Battery Group that doing a great job in the installation and commissioning of the production line equipment and ensuring successful delivery of production operation.

Installation of the new alkaline battery production line of Tiger Head Battery Group

Installation of the new alkaline battery production line of Tiger Head Battery Group