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Tiger Head Battery Group Organizes Team Building Activity

2024-01-02 00:00:00

To further enhance the cohesion and combat effectiveness of Guangzhou Tiger Head Battery Group Co., Ltd., and to cultivate a united, harmonious, and positive corporate culture atmosphere, the company's labor union recently organized employees to Qingyuan for a collective activity themed " Tiger's Leap to the North River: A Journey of Joy ".

Accompanied by a guide's review of Tiger Head's development history and engaging in high-quality development learning courses, the Qingyuan collective activity commenced. The first destination was the majestic Gulong Gorge. Along the way, employees experienced the breathtaking sight of the Gulong Gorge's towering cliff waterfalls, with clear streams pouring down from the mountaintops, forming spectacular waterfall clusters. Walking along the steps, they admired the scenery while exchanging insights. Whenever they beheld these magnificent waterfalls, any fatigue was swept away, replaced by endless joy and excitement. Experiencing the thrilling glass skywalks and the giant UFO-shaped glass platforms, with cliffs and waterfalls towering above, it was a challenging opportunity to transcend oneself and unleash passion. Everyone chatted and laughed along the way, discussing work insights, sharing experiences, stopping to breathe in the fresh air, and capturing wonderful moments with their phones. "Engaging in such activities is great. It allows us to exercise, relax, and interact with colleagues through outdoor activities, enabling us to invest in our work with a better mental state and demeanor," said one employee participating in the collective activity.

After enjoying the beautiful scenery of GuLong Gorge, the second stop was to the pier to take a boat tour of the North River's Little Three Gorges, where Su Dongpo once left the poem " Heaven parts o’er yonder distant gorge, Earth spins ‘round, a sapphire bay takes forge." Being river travelers in the Little North River, they appreciated the natural beauty of "Where waters voyage far to sea, two peaks ascend, into the sky they flee." Singing, playing games, and sharing joyful anecdotes, the boat was filled with laughter and cheer. The joyous atmosphere dispelled any work fatigue, bringing employees closer together and enhancing friendships while fostering teamwork spirit.

This collective activity not only relaxed everyone's mood and relieved work pressure but also improved communication and strengthened team cohesion. It effectively stimulated employees' enthusiasm for life and work, laying a solid foundation for Guangzhou Tiger Head Battery Group Co., Ltd.'s high-quality development in 2024.

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