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Tiger Head Battery Group Attends the 135th Canton Fair

2024-04-19 00:00:00

On April 15, 2024, the grand opening of the 135th Canton Fair in Guangzhou attracted the attention of numerous global enterprises. Tiger Head Battery Group participated under the theme "Focusing on Core Business, Promoting Leapfrog Development," showcasing a wide range of products including dry batteries, storage batteries, consuming lithium batteries, and energy storage lithium battery series, totaling 140 products. This exhibition is showcasing Tiger head battery’s professional image of batteries and the new development direction of its main business, promoting the expansion of overseas market business, and committed to empowering enterprises with high-quality development. The booth of Tiger Head Battery Company was exceptionally popular, attracting many overseas buyers, both new and old, for consultation and negotiation.



In terms of booth design, the booth structure was divided according to dry battery and energy storage lithium battery products, equipped with relevant graphic, representing a professional image of a leading battery enterprise. High-purity raw materials and production technology were showcased through central screen displays in the exhibition hall, emphasizing the core concept of the Tiger Head Battery brand and the professional image of this battery production company. In addition, multimedia technology applications were introduced to enhance the sense of technology and brand quality. To provide overseas customers with a more intuitive understanding of the products, a realistic sand table was added to the display of industrial and commercial energy storage lithium battery projects, dynamically demonstrating integrated energy application solutions, enhancing the display effect and attraction, and helping to open up new markets. For dry battery products, more concepts of high-power appliance usage scenarios were incorporated into the design to highlight product advantages. Visual effects were utilized to enhance the technological aspect, employing a 3D holographic fan display to further elevate the technological ambiance and attract attention to our booth, driving traffic for showcasing our dry battery products. The unity and dedication of our company members have reinforced a sense of responsibility, attracting significant attention and participation from overseas buyers, effectively boosting booth popularity and facilitating the acquisition of target market customer resources. This has enabled us to engage in overseas business negotiations, consolidate our strengths, and foster new developments in overseas markets.


Our company's impressive presence at the Canton Fair has garnered attention and coverage from several leading media outlets. On the morning of April 15, Tiger Head Battery Company was invited to participate in a one-hour live special program "Seeing · Embracing the 'New' Force," launched by the Guangzhou Broadcasting Television Media Center, where our new products were prominently featured and extensively introduced through live broadcasts. Xinhua News Agency, CRI Online Guangdong Channel, Yangcheng Evening News, Southern Metropolis Daily, Nanfang Daily, Southern Times, and other prominent media outlets also conducted interviews and reports on our company, hosted by Tiger Head battery’s related business backbones, further enhancing our brand awareness and corporate image.

Tiger Head Battery Company has continuously dedicated itself to providing consumers with high-performance and eco-friendly power products. We are constantly striving to improve battery manufacturing processes and optimize formula materials to ensure delivering greater product value to consumers worldwide.