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Tiger Head Battery Company Actively Participates in the 134th Canton Fair

2023-10-19 00:00:00

From October 15th to 19th, Tiger Head Battery Company enthusiastically participated in the 134th Canton Fair under the theme "95 YEARS, GLORY WITH YOU!" Given the increasingly challenging and complex global economic and trade environment, the Tiger Head Battery Company sought to adapt to market changes and seize opportunities. The group actively utilized the Canton Fair platform to strengthen the promotion of their professional brand image, with a particular focus on promoting high-performance alkaline batteries and new energy storage products, injecting a positive energy into this edition of the Canton Fair.

In terms of booth design, multimedia technology applications were introduced to enhance the technological experience and improve the brand's quality. Simultaneously, to emphasize the brand's long history, the 95th-anniversary celebration logo of the Tiger Head Battery Company was prominently displayed throughout the booth. Taking advantage of the 95th-anniversary celebration, the group organized a "95 YEARS, GLORY WITH YOU!" themed lucky draw and traffic-boosting activity based on the energy station design concept during the exhibition. This activity allowed them to share the joy of the 95th-anniversary celebration with global customers. With strong unity and a spirit of determination, the company effectively attracted the attention and participation of numerous overseas businesses, boosted booth traffic, facilitated international business discussions, and promoted new developments in overseas markets.

During this edition of the Canton Fair, Tiger Head Battery Group introduced their brand-new high-end alkaline battery production line, offering a comprehensive introduction to the vivid features of this line and focusing on promoting the high-performance alkaline battery product series. This strategic move aimed to gradually optimize the product portfolio of the Tiger Head Battery Company. The company has consistently prioritized the improvement of intelligent manufacturing capabilities and the development of digital management systems. In September 2021, they introduced the new LR6 alkaline battery production line, which boasts excellent features such as high-speed, automation, intelligence, and advanced manufacturing processes, representing the cutting-edge level of alkaline battery production lines in China. This line operates steadily at a speed of 600 pieces per minute, with a daily output exceeding three hundred thousand pieces, maximizing production efficiency, effectiveness, and benefits. Through this initiative, the Tiger Head Battery Company emphasized to global customers that, as a leading enterprise in the Chinese dry cell battery industry, they have been committed to providing consumers with high-performance, environmentally friendly power products, actively leading the battery industry's development. In this challenging market, the Tiger Head team continually showcases its innovation, continuously improving battery manufacturing processes and optimizing formula materials to ensure they provide greater product value to consumers worldwide.

During the exhibition, our booth at the Canton Fair also attracted the attention and coverage of several top-tier media outlets. On the afternoon of October 16th, our General Manager, Alex Zhou, was invited to be interviewed by China Central Television. Additionally, leading media outlets such as CCTV International Online, Guangzhou Daily, and Southern Daily conducted interviews and coverage of our company, with Sally Wu, the Director of Import&Export Department, as their host.

As a leading enterprise in the Chinese battery industry, Tiger Head Battery Company has been dedicated to promoting the high-quality development of time-honored brands and innovating brand management methods while expanding their global sales network. In the future, Tiger Head Battery Company will continue to adhere to a path of continuous innovation and sustainable development, providing high-performance, environmentally friendly power products to consumers worldwide and driving the globalization of the brand.