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The main measures to prevent leakage of alkaline battery.

2021-04-22 00:00:00

The leakage of alkaline battery has a very important relationship with the structure of the battery. Because the cathode active material is zinc powder, it greatly increases the real surface area of the cathode and increases the battery capacity. But at the same time, it is prone to corrosion. There is a lot of gas generated inside the battery. When the internal pressure is too high, the strong pressure may deform the parts at the seal and cause the battery to leak.

In order to prevent the leakage of alkaline battery, alkaline battery manufacturers usually take the following measures in the production:

1. Apply sealing glue. Since the contact surfaces of the seals are not all really flat and there are many capillary channels, sealing glue must be applied between the steel cylinder and the sealing ring and the center of the sealing ring to block the capillary channels.

alkaline battery

2. Improve the sealing structure and sealing process. Since the outer diameter of the upper part of the sealing ring is tightly fitted with the inner diameter of the flaring part of the steel cylinder, the outer diameter of the lower part of the sealing ring is a loose fit with the inner diameter of the steel cylinder. Therefore, only by axially and radially compressing the upper part of the sealing ring can the sealing purpose be achieved.

3. Improve the sealing ring. The material and structure of the sealing ring are also the main measures to improve the sealing effect. After comparing several common sealing processes and the principle of the sealing machine, it is found that the key to the sealing process is the deformation of the steel shell and the elastic compression of the sealing ring. The compression effect is achieved in the transverse direction, and the purpose of sealing can be achieved.

Prevent the leakage of alkaline battery and do a good job of quality control, so that alkaline battery can always make breakthroughs and walk in the forefront of the battery industry.