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Precautions for the Use of Alkaline Batteries

2022-06-15 00:00:00

Alkaline batteries are characterized by durability, good performance, and long storage life. Alkaline batteries usually have the word "ALKALINE" printed on the outside, especially suitable for cameras, shavers, electric toys, remote controls, wireless mice, etc.

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Do you know the precautions for using alkaline batteries? Read the text below to learn more.  

● Check the Appearance Before Use

Alkaline batteries should have their bottom, casing and lid checked before use. If any batteries are found to have an unusual smell or sound, or are deformed (such as swelling or leaking), they should be replaced or discarded immediately.

● Distinguish the Positive and Negative Poles

Carefully read the battery and device specifications published by the manufacturer and follow the operating instructions. When using alkaline batteries, please pay attention to the battery polarity to avoid wrong installation.

● Use Batteries of the Same Type and Capacity

Avoid mixing old and new batteries and different types of batteries. When you need to use multiple batteries, you should use batteries of the same make and model.

● It Is Not Recommended to Charge Alkaline Batteries

Most alkaline batteries on the market today are not rechargeable (some are marked "Do Not Charge"). Do not charge non-rechargeable alkaline batteries. Charging an alkaline battery can leak electrolyte and even damage the battery.

● Storage of Alkaline Batteries

Always keep batteries out of the reach of children. When the battery is not needed, it should be taken out and placed in a cool, ventilated and dry place. Do not heat the battery, throw it into a fire, or attempt to disassemble the battery.

● Pay Attention to Whether There Is Electrolyte Leakage

Prolonged storage or charging of alkaline batteries may cause electrolyte leakage. Electrolyte is a corrosive substance that is irritating to the respiratory tract and skin. Additionally, electrolytes can corrode metals and damage electronic parts, which in turn can damage electronics.

● Recycling Treatment of Alkaline Batteries

Most of the alkaline batteries on the market are mercury-free alkaline batteries. Therefore, mercury-free alkaline batteries can be disposed of with household waste. Decentralized batteries are a more suitable method and do not require deliberate recycling. It is important to take care to avoid discarding in a litter box that is accessible to children or pets.