Grasp the Opportunity of "Online Canton Fair" New Products Empower and Promote the Development

2022-04-18 00:00:00

——Tiger Head Group Attended the 131st Online Canton Fair

On April 15, 2022, the 131st Canton Fair came as scheduled, and our company started a 10-day "Online Canton Fair Tour". Although the epidemic situation in Guangzhou has recurred from time to time at this stage, as a barometer of our country's foreign trade exports, the Canton Fair will still be an important channel with its years of customer accumulation and brand endorsement.
In order to give full play to the role of the online Canton Fair as an all-round open platform, our company strives to develop new business opportunities and new markets, and enhance the research and development capabilities of new products. Actively develop overseas social media promotion channels, consolidate live broadcasts, promote products more vividly, and drive new developments in digital marketing in order to obtain more orders, stabilize the market, and promote development.


 Focus on promoting new products and diversified products development.

At this Canton Fair, our company has launched a total of 158 products including Tiger Head, 555, and Hi Watt brands, covering product categories such as dry batteries, lead-acid batteries, and lithium batteries, and will focus on launching a variety of new products through this Canton Fair, including the new alkaline battery featuring green energy - G Alkaline alkaline battery; the new high zinc battery with image and technology upgrade - Plus Heavy Duty series batteries and Super Heavy Duty series batteries; new button batteries with new packaging, new appearance, integration of large color block element design - button alkaline battery and button lithium battery product pool and many other new products.

In terms of online products, we comprehensively consider the consumption and usage characteristics of multiple regional markets around the world, and select a batch of self-owned brand products suitable for local consumption for customers in various regions.


 Consolidate the online live broadcast and promote products vividly.

In terms of product display, the two-line linkage between the VR online exhibition hall and the product center will provide exhibitors with a three-dimensional and all-round product display, let buyers more intuitively understand the image and technical characteristics of our products; Regarding the live broadcast method, we design an exclusive product application background for each live broadcast, and use OBS to enhance the live broadcast participation experience of participating buyers and the effect of product promotion and display.

Our company's appearance at the 131st Canton Fair has attracted the attention of many media and has been interviewed and reported by many mainstream media such as Guangdong Radio and Television Station, Guangdong News Network, Guangzhou TV, Sansha TV and New Express.