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"Online Canton Fair" Embarks on a New Development Journey, Seizes New Development Opportunities under the Epidemic-News Media Publicizes and Reports on Tiger Head Company

2020-06-28 00:00:00

Under the test of the epidemic, Tiger Head Company seized new development opportunities, stepped up on the "cloud", and handed in a satisfactory "answer sheet" in this year's "Online Canton Fair" work. During the ten-day "Online Canton Fair", Tiger Head Company 's outstanding performance attracted countless first-line media to carry out large-scale publicity reports, including China National Radio, China Radio International, International Business Daily, Guangdong Radio and Television Station, Guangzhou Broadcasting Network, China News Network , Phoenix, Dakungpao, Guangzhou Broadcasting Network, Information Times, Sohu ect.
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The following is a collection of media reports on Tiger Head Company's participation in the Online Canton Fair
B0%E9%97%BB20200623(Guangdong TV 20200623)

https://wapnews.gztv.com/news/shareDetails?id=109915(Flower city :“Cloud Business” Cnaton Fair give strength to traditional manufacturing industry)

https://3g.163.com/news/article/FFSB6R0O0514R9OM.html?from=history-back-list(NetEase News: The Canton Fair on the Cloud is coming to an end, and the road for enterprise to live broadcasting is in the ascendant)

https://m.sohu.com/a/403589851_161795?scm=1002.500047.0.0-0(Southern Metropolis Daily: Promote the "cloud" exhibition "not to end" to help African businesses keep up with the live broadcast)

http://www.takungpao.com/news/232108/2020/0620/465101.html(Dagong Newspaper: Guangzhou Battery Plant's Philippine Orders Soar by 50%)

https://i3jtw0.smartapps.cn/subpackage/pages/docdetails/doc-details?_swebfr=1&id=ucms_7xTetWDo0gP&hostname=baiduboxapp(Southern News Network: Greater Bay Area Power on "Cloud Canton Fair")

http://www.chinanews.com/cj/2020/06-18/9216025.shtml(China News.com: Guangdong enterprises seek new opportunities for “Cloud Canton Fair”, taxation helps stabilize foreign trade basics)

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