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How to Use Dry Battery Properly

2022-01-25 00:00:00

Dry batteries are a common energy source in our lives, such as alkaline battery and carbon-zinc battery. Many small household appliances or portable digital products require dry batteries to provide working energy. Compared with batteries that can be recharged and used repeatedly, they are disposable batteries. In this article, we will tell you how to use the battery correctly and make it last longer.

1. When we buy batteries, we should check the appearance, production date, shelf life of the battery. Since the mercury in the battery is harmful to the environment, in order to protect the environment, you should choose a battery with the words "mercury-free" on the trademark when purchasing.
mercury-free alkaline battery

2.Read the instructions on your device before installing batteries. Only use the size and type of battery specified in the instructions. Do not mix up the old and new batteries. What's more, if your device needs two or more batteries, always use the same type, because different brands have a different battery composition and a different power level.

3.Insert the batteries properly. Place the batteries according to the positive (+) and negative (-) indications.

4.Store batteries dry and make sure not to allow any moisture near the batteries. You shouldn’t scratch, throw, drop or heat up your battery. Never attempt to dismantle them: you have a high risk of damage to you and the environment.

5.Like those devices that require a large amount of power, such as toys and cameras, the exhausted battery can be recycled, and we can put it into a radio, a walkman that consumes less power, and it can be used for a long time.

6.The leakage of electricity will occur due to poor storage, and the dry batteries that are not used will slowly run out of electricity. We can apply a thin layer of candle oil on the negative electrode of the battery, and then put it in a dry place, which can effectively prevent leakage.

7.If you find battery leakage, try not to touch any of the chemical discharge. You can clean up the battery holder with a clean and dry cotton swab. If you do touch the discharge, remember to thoroughly wash your hands with water and soap.