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How to Store Alkaline Batteries

2022-03-25 00:00:00

There are many applications of alkaline batteries in daily life, such as remote controls, thermometers, blood pressure monitors, etc. But, should we take out the batteries for storage when the equipment is not used? will the alkaline batteries leak if they are stored for a long time? how should alkaline batteries be stored? In this article, we will walk through how to store alkaline batteries safely. That way, there isn’t an issue with the items powering up whenever you need them most.
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1.The best place to store batteries is in a cool, dark place without exposing them to extreme temperatures. Alkaline batteries should be stored at room temperature (about 21 degrees Celsius) , do not store batteries in a cooler or refrigerator.
2.Note the humidity in your storage area. Alkaline batteries last longer if they are kept in moderate conditions, about 50 percent relative humidity.
3.Clean the negative and positive ends of the batteries with a rag or a clean pencil eraser.

4.The battery should be removed if the device is not in use. Keep the battery away from heat, even in storage, the battery will lose charge faster at high temperatures.

5. The electrolyte inside the battery can harm skin and clothing, so do not disassemble the battery or attempt to penetrate the battery with sharp objects.
6.Use the same type of battery in electronics. It is best not to store two batteries of different chemistries together. Low-quality or different types of batteries may contain different chemicals and are prone to leaks that can damage your electronics. They should remain in their original packaging, or you place them in a separate container for safekeeping.   
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