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How long do carbon zinc batteries last?

2021-12-20 00:00:00

Carbon-zinc batteries are one kind of non-rechargeable batteries. There is no cycle life for these batteries either. Normally, the shelf life of carbon-zinc battery is 1-3 years. But there are several factors that impact the length of service that batteries will provide, such as the rate at which the device consumes power, battery chemistry, temperature conditions, and usage patterns. There are different answers to this very common question because batteries have different measures of life, and in this article, we will explain each measure of lifespan.

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● Running time

Running time refers to the time a battery or battery pack runs during a single-use. Alkaline battery last eight times longer than common carbon-zinc battery, especially in continuous use or high-power applications. The running time depends on the device using the battery, each device consumes a different amount of energy. A very high drain device like a digital camera will deplete a battery much quicker than a low drain device like a clock. Also, sometimes devices draw more energy as they get older.

● Shelf Life

Shelf life is the amount of time the battery pack can sit on a shelf without changing quality.  For example, if you purchase a battery and you don't use it. The shelf time can be affected by humidity and temperature. The more humid or warmer the storage environment, the shorter the shelf life.


Carbon-zinc batteries are less expensive, but also have less capacity, and in the past were prone to leakage due to thin walls. The quality of the battery has the greatest impact on the shelf life and higher-quality manufacturers produce higher-quality batteries. So, it's crucial to choose a good carbon-zinc battery factory after years of research and development, Tiger head battery has accumulated leading manufacturing technology and produced mature batteries. Contact us now for more details!