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Great Distance Support, Together We Stand Tiger Head Company Assists African Congo Client With Anti-Epidemic Supplies

2020-03-26 00:00:00

As the COVID-19 outbreak is spreading worldwide, the African major sales market of Tiger Head company has successively reported the transmisson of new COVID-19 cases. For Africa, where the public health foundation is generally weak, this is a severe test.

After learning of the outbreak in the Congo sales area and the shortage of local prevention and control materials, the company rushed to the customer's urgency and quickly organized the purchase of disposable medical masks, rubber gloves and other epidemic prevention materials, which were donated to Congo agents. After the customer learned of the company's rapid support measures, they were touched and sent us an email to express their appreciation.

At the same time, considering the weak health systems in Africa, the Middle East and other countries, and the lack of knowledge of customers and consumers about COVID-19 prevention, the company actively improves its service level, so that it can keep in touch with customers online 24 hours and provide them with easy-to-understand English pictures of COVID-19 protection measures, sharing China's epidemic prevention experience and practices with them, and calling them to seize the "window of opportunity" to curb the spread of the virus.

Thousands of miles to help, we stand together in the wind and rain. The aid of anti-epidemic materials reflects the deep friendship between the company and the Congo customers, and also entrusts the warmth of the Chinese and African people in fighting the epidemic together. Anti-epidemic exists no borders! As a mobile power source, batteries play an important role in the fight against the epidemic. The company will continue to give full play to the spirit of responsibility of state-owned enterprises, ensure global battery supply under the premise of strict corporate epidemic prevention work, and contribute to the fight against the epidemic.

Tiger Head Company donated anti-epidemic materials to Congolese agents