Faced with the sluggish international shipping supply chain, Tiger Head Battery Group assists the construction of guangzhou international shipping center

2021-08-27 15:46:07

Under the situation that the COVID-19 epidemic deeply affects international shipping, various unfavorable factors such as the shortage of shipping space and containers, skyrocketing freight rates, saturated storage, and poor terminal operations, as well as the "the Suez Canal incident", port epidemic control, ship epidemic control, and other "international shipping black swan incidents" may occur one after another or at the same time. Under this tense situation, our company always maintains confidence and get ready to fight a protracted war. We take multiple measures to deal with it and keep an eye on the shipping company’s space state, so as to arrange for shipping space in time. Moreover, we research the law of shipping price change to strive for the best price, adjust and optimize the export route planning in various aspects, to ensure the smooth shipment of our company's goods, improve customer satisfaction, and make outstanding contributions to the construction of Guangzhou International Shipping Center.

Tiger Head Battery Company actively responds to the Guangzhou Municipal Government’s "Three-year Action Plan for the Construction of Guangzhou International Shipping Center (2018-2020)". We also make breakthroughs in the construction of free trade port and play a leading role in the construction of world-class shipping transport in the Guangdong-Hong Kong-Macao Greater Bay Area.

A few days ago, our company received a special reward fund of RMB 239,500 from the Guangzhou Government. The award is subordinate to the reward project of the Guangzhou Port Authority, which evaluates the packaging volume of import and export enterprises in the Nansha Port. Our company has been awarded this for three consecutive years, and the accumulated amount of the award has reached RMB 728,100.