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do you know what is solar battery?

2022-02-07 00:00:00

Solar battery is a semiconductor sheet that uses solar energy to generate electricity. As long as it meets a certain amount of light, it can generate electricity. There are different types of solar battery, such as silicon solar battery, polycrystalline thin film solar battery, nanocrystalline solar battery, etc. At present, crystalline silicon solar batteries are the main ones on the market.

Solar energy is clean energy, and solar battery will not produce environmental pollution in the process of using solar energy to generate electricity. Moreover, the energy of solar energy is reliable. We only need to install the solar battery according to the rising and falling law of the sun. It has high charge absorption capacity, good rechargeable performance, can store electricity for our future use, and it has a long service life and does not require maintenance. , very convenient.

However, the solar battery cannot store electricity on cloudy or rainy days, so it is impossible for us to use the solar battery board for power supply 100%. At present, solar battery has not been able to be popularized and applied in the majority of residents due to high cost and production process problems.