Charging method of 1.5v rechargeable li-ion battery.

2021-05-25 00:00:00

1. The pre-charge stage of 1.5v rechargeable li-ion battery. When the DC power supply is turned on, when the 1.5v rechargeable li-ion battery is detected, the charging chip is activated to enter the pre-charging process. During this period, the charging controller charges the battery with a relatively small current to restore the battery voltage and temperature to normal situation.

1.5v rechargeable li-ion battery

2. Constant current charging stage of 1.5v rechargeable li-ion battery. In the early stage of charging, the charging circuit charges a 1.5v rechargeable li-ion battery with a constant current. Generally, most lithium batteries use a standardized charging rate. During constant current charging, the battery voltage will slowly rise, as long as the battery voltage reaches the set termination voltage, the constant current charging will be terminated, and then enter the constant voltage charging process.

3.Constant voltage charging stage of 1.5v rechargeable li-ion battery. In the process of constant voltage charging, the charging current will gradually decay. When it is monitored that the charging current drops below the set value, or the full charging time is overtime, the charging will be switched to the top to stop charging. At this time, the charging controller will use a very small charging current as The battery replenishes energy. Under normal circumstances, this process can extend the battery's operating time by 5%~10%.