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Can the Tiger Head 1.5v rechargeable li-ion battery be charged at any time?

2021-05-20 00:00:00

The Tiger Head 1.5v rechargeable li-ion battery basically has no memory effect and can be charged and discharged at any time without affecting the quality of the battery. The 1.5v rechargeable li-ion battery has the advantages of high capacity density, high operating voltage, wide operating temperature range, long cycle life, and high safety performance. It is the mainstream development direction of current rechargeable batteries.

In general, people would worry about the risk of overcharge and overdischarge. While with the special smart chip, there is no need to worry about it when charging the Tiger Head 1.5V rechargeable battery. When it is fully charged, the smart chip would recognize it immediately and be automatic power-off. It is best to perform a deep discharge of the 1.5v rechargeable li-ion battery after one month of use, that is to say, use up the remaining power of the battery, and then perform a full charge for three consecutive times, so as to maintain the high performance of the battery . The 1.5v rechargeable li-ion battery is fully charged at one time, which can reduce the number of recharges and improve the service life of the battery.

1.5v rechargeable li-ion battery

Charging method of 1.5v rechargeable li-ion battery.

1. It is recommended to charge at night, because the current fluctuation at night is relatively small and suitable for charging.

2.Avoid charging at excessively high temperatures even though the Tiger Head 1.5V Li-on rechargeable battery has the function of temperature recognition, with which it can automatic power-off when the temperature is higher than 40℃.

3.If you want to maximize the effectiveness of the 1.5v rechargeable li-ion battery, you need to use it frequently to keep the electrons in the lithium battery in a flowing state.