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Can Alkaline Batteries Be Recharged?

2022-06-15 00:00:00

Rechargeable Battery & Non-rechargeable Battery

Batteries can be divided into rechargeable batteries and non-rechargeable batteries according to their ability to be reused. Rechargeable batteries can be used again after they are fully discharged, and common types of rechargeable batteries include Li-ion batteries and NIMH batteries. 

On the other hand, a non-rechargeable battery can only be fully discharged once, after which the battery cannot be recharged nor used to generate current.  
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Can Alkaline Batteries Be Recharged?

Alkaline batteries power various devices in our daily lives. You can often find alkaline batteries in toys, cameras, wireless mice, keyboards, and more. As for alkaline batteries, can they be charged?

With the development of science and technology, alkaline batteries have appeared in recent years. However, the production of rechargeable alkaline batteries is small due to the short cycle life of the batteries.

Most alkaline batteries on the market are not rechargeable. The chemicals in regular alkaline batteries do not react reversibly, and battery manufacturers recommend against charging alkaline batteries.

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Why Is It Not Recommended to Recharge Alkaline Batteries?


Charging Alkaline Batteries Carries Certain Risks

Charging any battery can cause gas to develop inside the battery. Since alkaline batteries are usually sealed, charging can break the seal, causing liquid to flow out of the battery or even explode.

Strict Charging Requirements

The requirements for charging alkaline batteries are very strict. For example, small current charging, shallow discharge, etc. are required. Poor grasp of the conditions can easily lead to security problems.

Fewer Charging Cycles

This is different from true rechargeable batteries, which can only provide a dozen or so charge cycles, and sometimes less. Alkaline batteries lose capacity with each charge cycle, which means they also run for less time.



Although alkaline batteries can be charged with the help of special alkaline chargers, this must be done strictly in accordance with the manufacturer's instructions and warnings. Some alkaline batteries usually have a cautionary note on the case, including "No charging." Therefore, charging alkaline batteries is not recommended for safety reasons.