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Authentic "Guangzhou Products"--"Tiger Head" battery Best seller in Africa

2020-05-26 00:00:00

Established and prospered by business, Guangzhou has many old brands with a long history. They carry the historical memory and spiritual inheritance of Guangzhou's society, economy, commerce and culture. In response to Guangzhou's strategy of "Four New and Brilliant Product", and to enhance the value of the old brands of municipal state-owned enterprises, and to promote the renewal of old brands, the "Guangzhou State-owned Assets" WeChat official account launched a series of publicity activities for "Old Brands and New Vigor".
▼ Issue 17 ▼
Tiger Head
There are many products that are closely related to life in the "Guangzhou Products" brand. Among them, the "555" battery is a famous "Guangzhou Products" brand that many "old Cantonese are familiar with. While it is not well known to everyone, that is its "brother" brand-"Tiger Head" "battery. "Tiger Head" battery has been the No. 1 international brand in China's dry battery industry in terms of export volume and export value for 20 consecutive years. It has also been awarded the China Export Famous Brand, Guangdong Province and Guangzhou Famous Trademark, and "Guangzhou Time-honored Brand".
Across the Red Sea and Hit the World
"Tiger Head" battery is the leading product of Tiger Head Company, a subsidiary of Guangzhou Light Industry and Trade Group Ltd. Tiger Head Company is a backbone enterprise in China's dry battery industry. Its annual operating income, sales volume, export volume, and export value are in the top of  China's dry battery industry. In 2019, it ranked 151st  in the "Top 500 Global New Energy Companies".
"Tiger Head" battery
The predecessor of Tiger Head Company, Xinghua Battery Factory, was established in 1928, and then experienced changes in the times, integrating almost the entire Guangzhou battery enterprises and evolving into today’s Tiger Head Company, which has gone through 92 years.
"Tiger Head" Brand was founded in 1940. "Tiger Head" battery is one of the first products that New China appeared on the world stage. Its export history can be traced back to the 1950s. It is currently mainly sold to more than 70 countries and regions including Africa, the Middle East, America, Europe and Southeast Asia.
In the 1950s, Tiger Head battery were very popular in the domestic market, selling well in Guangdong, Guangxi, Hunan, Fujian, Jiangxi, Yunnan, Sichuan, Guizhou and other provinces, becoming famous brand products at that time. The battery products already became famous in China but also yearn to go to the world. But to go to the world, the "Red Sea" curse must be broken. The Red Sea is one of the hottest and highest salinity oceans in the world. Many brands of batteries cannot withstand the rust and leakage of the "Red Sea" heat and salty fog. However, the "Tiger Head" battery uses unique technology and leak-proof formula. It not only crossed the Red Sea safely, but the quality is also quite stable after arriving in Africa. The "Tiger Head" battery that successfully crossed the Red Sea line has since been sold all over the world.
The tiger is a mascot in Africa, so the "Tiger Head" battery is especially popular in Africa, and it is very popular among African people. Consumers equate "Tiger Head" as a synonym for high quality batteries. They always habitually use their fingers to pinch the battery when buying. In their consumer concept, the "Tiger Head" battery is a good battery, which is not squeezable, and they all give them thumbs up and praise them.

Nowadays, "Tiger Head" battery has become the NO.1 brand in Africa. Its market share in some African countries such as Congo, Uganda, Zambia, Chad and Sierra Leone has reached 50%, and even in some countries such as Tanzania and Nigeria, it has reached more than 75%. In 2013, Tiger Head was ranked the 7th in the Top 100 Chinese Export Enterprises To Africa.
"Tiger Head" batteries are endorsed by
 local famous comedy stars in Congo.

Persist in Innovation, Adhere to Quality
Since the establishment of the "Tiger Head" brand, the Tiger Head Company has continuously stabilized and improved product quality. In the 1950s, the company’s battery products implemented low mercury content. In the 1970s, battery production had formed a mechanized production line. In the 1980s, the company vigorously developed alkaline batteries, improved product technology content, and upgraded product grades to meet the needs of electric toys and other new consumer needs, become the first enterprise to introduce the No. 5 alkaline battery production line in the national battery industry. In the 1990s, the company's battery products won the National Quality Gold Award, the highest honor of the battery quality award at that time. In 2000, the company once again introduced the advanced No. 5 mercury-free alkaline battery production line from abroad, which greatly improved the manufacturing level and product quality. In 2017, it took the mercury-free technology with invention patents as the core and took the lead in the industry to realize the industrialization of mercury-free paste zinc-manganese batteries. It has made unremitting efforts and contributions to China's participation in the global mercury convention agreement.

Tiger Head Company visited the Uganda market.
In recent years, the company has independently developed a real-time online monitoring and management system for battery production sites through the application of new technologies such as optical-mechanical-electrical integration technology and IT technology, which not only improves production management efficiency, reduces management costs, and strengthens product quality, but also further improved automated monitoring level of product quality management. The company's battery products have successively won honorary titles such as China's Famous Brand Products, the First Batch of Green and Environmentally Friendly Alkaline Manganese Batteries, National Inspection-free Products, and Export Inspection-free Products, and have successively passed ISO9001: 2015 Quality Management System, ISO14001: 2015 Environmental Management System, OHSAS18001: 2007 Occupational Health Management System Certification.
The company promotes a new concept of product environmental protection, fully applies new environmental protection technologies, and takes the lead in realizing mercury-free and low-mercury production of cardboard batteries and paste-type batteries ahead of its counterparts in the country. Alkaline batteries use new materials, new formulas, new processes, and special explosion-proof structures and seals. Its technology and its craftsmanship are in a leading position in the world, and it has achieved the low mercury and mercury-free requirements for battery production 5 years earlier than the national requirement.

Tiger Head Company visited the Zambia market.
The international battery market is like rising wind and scudding clouds, lots of brands emerge in endlessly. Usually one brand disappeared then another appears. Each brand just remains excellently for 3 or 5 years. However the "Tiger Head" battery has undergone nearly a hundred years of testing. With its excellent quality, it still stands in the international battery market. The total annual battery sales exceeds 6 billion pieces, which is equivalent to almost every person in the world uses one battery every year.
Explore Diversity And Rejuvenate
With the increasingly fierce competition in the market today, Tiger Head has the courage to face up to the old brand crisis and actively seek product innovation. In 2015, through technological transformation, combined with innovation and promotion, the efficiency of production technology was improved, and the upgrading of products was promoted. At a cost of 480 million yuan, a new energy battery mass production cluster Yunan Industrial Park was established. Integrate and optimize resources on a global scale, innovatively implement the "Global Buy, Sell Global" operating model, and create a more globally competitive "Tiger Head" battery product. Innovate the sales model, in response to the "Guanghuo 2.0" innovation and upgrade action, actively promote the operation of Made in China, Alibaba retail platform and e-commerce distribution agency operations, and actively develop other e-commerce platforms, and strive to expand the "tiger brand" battery online Channels to increase global market share and market competitiveness.
"Tiger Head" products continue to diversify. The products have expanded from the familiar dry battery series to the storage battery series, battery raw material series, lighting series, battery electrical appliances series, emergency power supply series, solar energy series, sports goods series, daily necessities series etc. eight series of products including food series.
In 2017, the "Tiger Head" dry battery was upgraded and launched in Philippine market with a brand-new image of the "Energy Champion". It became the top three brands in the local market within 9 months. While doing a good job in the main business of dry batteries, vigorously develop other "electric light source" products, and comprehensively expand the sales of "Tiger Head" in the local market.
In recent years, it has focused on introducing new products--wireless chargers, which stand out with the latest wireless charging technology, intelligent identification protection and other advantages. In 2018, it won the Bronze Award of the Canton Fair CF Award. "Tiger Head" battery has made a major breakthrough in its export sales. The categories include car batteries, solar batteries and motorcycle batteries. They have been exported to more than 20 overseas countries and have been recognized by customers and consumers around the world. In 2017, it won the“Guangzhou Famous Trademark" honor.

"Tiger Head" LED lights displayed in supermarkets of Manila, Philippines
In recent years, Tiger Head Company has actively responded to the national "One Belt One Road" initiative, and also responded to the new situation and new requirements of opening up, "going out" with a more active attitude, and vigorously explored the international market of "Tiger Head" batteries. In the commercial streets of many overseas markets, from the huge posters on the street walls to the creative furnishings of many stalls, you can see the different new image of the "Tiger Head" brand.

"Tiger Head" advertisement on the streets of the Philippines.
Take Responsibility And Forge Forward
The reason why consumers have long-term trust in the "Tiger head" battery is that, in addition to the excellent product quality, it is also inseparable from the company's long-standing responsibility to the society. As a national brand, "Tiger Head" shoulders the mission of contributing to the country and forge ahead.
When the Wenchuan earthquake occurred in 2008, the employees of Tiger Head Company donated six times to the compatriots in the disaster area, and the donation amount exceeded 1.15 million yuan. In 2010, it also actively donated money and materials to the compatriots in the earthquake-stricken area of Yushu.

In 2015, during the Ebola epidemic in Africa, Tiger Head Company donated various urgently needed materials to Sierra Leone.
In the 2020 novel coronavirus pneumonia epidemic, Tiger Head Company donated a batch of battery products to the Second People’s Hospital of Guangdong Province for the use of medical equipment, and donated 100,000 yuan to the street where the company located for epidemic prevention work, and donated anti-epidemic materials to Congo, Uganda and other African sales areas.

In 2020, Tiger Head Company donated anti-epidemic materials to African sales areas such as Congo and Uganda.
Entering 2020, the 90-year-old Tiger Head has entered Guangzhou Tianhe CBD with a brand new image, creating a CBD headquarters economy, opening a new chapter in global operation, and striding towards a century-old enterprise.

(Forward from the WeChat public account of "Guangzhou State-owned Assets" on May 12, 2020)

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