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Are Carbon-zinc Battery Good?

2022-05-25 00:00:00

Zinc batteries, also known as Zinc-Carbon batteries, are dry batteries. A zinc-carbon battery is a dry cell primary battery that provides direct current through an electrochemical reaction between zinc and manganese dioxide (MnO2) in the presence of an electrolyte. It generates about 1.5 volts between the zinc anodes, which is usually constructed as a cylindrical container for battery cells, and a carbon rod surrounded by a compound with a higher standard electrode potential (positive polarity), known as the cathode, that collects the current from the manganese dioxide electrode. [Wiki]This article will walk through the pros and cons of zinc carbon battery.



● Carbon-zinc battery features low-temperature performance, excellent liquid leakage resistance, and low self-discharge.
● Its production and use cost is very low, and the battery is economical in terms of cost per hour for low power consumption devices.
● The housing is sturdy and reliable enough to support its use in various portable devices.
● They are made with simple, experienced and reliable technology and offer an excellent price/performance ratio.
● Zinc-carbon batteries are available in various models and specifications, you can choose the right one according to different applications.


● The energy density of ordinary alkaline batteries is twice that of similar sized zinc-carbon batteries. This high density enables alkaline batteries to generate the same amount of energy in twice the time.
● Carbon-zinc batteries are not rechargeable, but lithium-ion batteries are rechargeable. And reuse after full discharge.
● Zinc-carbon batteries have poor oxidation resistance, low leakage resistance, and the negative electrode is easy to wear.
● The capacity of zinc batteries is much smaller than that of rechargeable lithium-ion batteries, which makes them suitable only for powering small appliances and devices.



To sum up, carbon-zinc batteries have an excellent price/performance ratio, and you can choose the battery type according to your appliance. Tigerhead is a professional Carbon Zinc Battery Factory, contact us for more details about batteries!