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3 Ways To Check Your Car Battery Health

2021-08-27 00:00:00

Talking about the daily use of the car, we must have encountered a situation that the vehicle did not start up for no reason. Most people know that this is generally caused by the lack of battery power. Old-fashioned batteries require us to add acid liquid frequently. However, with the advancement of technology, maintenance-free car batteries are now being used on a large scale. But even so, the car starting battery is still a vulnerable part of the vehicle, and the service life of a maintenance-free car battery is only around 2-3 years.

Since the battery is in the engine compartment, and few people pay attention to it. If you don’t check the car battery health from time to time, it will shorten its service life. When the vehicle fails to start up, you need to call for rescue and pay a lot to replace a new one. If you can maintain it frequently, you can make it last longer.

● Eyes Observation Method

Old-fashioned maintenance-free batteries generally have an observation hole, we call it magic eye which can intuitively reflect the status of the battery. The status of the battery can be identified by observing the color change in the magic eye. Green means normal, black means the battery needs to be charged, and white means the battery needs to be replaced. This method is simple, but the result may not be accurate.

● Instrument Detection Method

The voltmeter is a vital instrument to detect the power of the car battery. Firstly, you need to let the car stand for a while, and then detect the battery. If the voltage is higher than 12V, it means that the battery is in good condition. If it is lower than 12V, it means that the battery power is insufficient.

● Empirical Judgement Method

In the absence of tools, we can use the lighting effects to identify the condition of the battery. Turn on the headlights when the vehicle is turned off. If the light is white, it means the battery is normal, and if the light is dim, it means the automotive battery is in poor condition.