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2 Hot Selling Alkaline batteries of Tiger Head

2023-05-24 00:00:00

Ordinary alkaline batteries are disposable batteries with zinc and manganese dioxide as electrodes, which are good all-round batteries for everyday electronic devices. These batteries have stable voltages and offer better energy density and leakage resistance than carbon-zinc batteries. They have more energy and a longer lifespan than some other types. In this article, we will introduce Tiger Head hot selling alkaline batteries.
Tiger Head LR6 AA G Alkaline Battery


● G Alkaline battery is the best match for the camera, providing continuous power support to capture the most beautiful moments with long-lasting discharge.
● G alkaline batteries are mercury-free and have the characteristics of large capacity, good performance and wide application range. No mercury pollution to the environment.
● The battery capacity is several times that of ordinary batteries.

●Their high energy density enables them to last longer than other batteries. Alkaline batteries can produce the same amount of energy as other batteries while lasting longer.
● It is recyclable and does not require special disposal methods due to the absence of mercury and other heavy metals.
● LR03 AAA size alkaline batteries are the most suitable for Racing car, provding you max power to move forward without fear.



The alkaline battery with its long shelf and in device life is a popular choice for smart devices and devices where it is inconvenient to replace. Find OBM OEM Alkaline Battery in Tigerhead.